Applicant's Practical Test Checklist

Appointment With Examiner:
Examiner's Name        Al Itani
Acceptable Aircraft:
  • Aircraft Documents:
    • Airworthiness Certificate
    • Registration Certificate
    • Operating Limitations
  • Aircraft Maintenance Records:
    • Logbook Record of Airworthiness Inspections and AD Compliance.
  • Pilot's Operating Handbook, FAA-Approved Airplane Flight Manual.
Personal Equipment:
  • View-Limiting Device
  • Current Aeronautical Charts
  • Computer and Plotter
  • Flight Plan Form
  • Flight Logs
  • Current AIM, Airport Facility Directory, and Appropriate Publications
Personal Records:
  • Identification - Photo/Signature ID
  • Pilot Certificate
  • Current medical Certificate
  • Completed FAA Form 8710-1, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application with Instructor's Signature (if applicable)
  • AC Form 8080-2, Airman Written Test Report, or Computer Test Report
  • Pilot Logbook with Appropriate Instructor Endorsements
  • FAA Form 8065-5, Notice of Disapproval (if applicable)
  • Approved School Graduation Certificate (if applicable)
  • Examiner's Fee (if applicable)


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