The purpose of this website is to provide an open line of communication and feedback between the Pilot Examiner, Flight Instructor Community and the pilot Applicant. You'll find everything you need to know about check rides, endorsements, forms, what's new, etc.. on this site.

Effective October 2, 2018 the FAA have removed the geographical limitations for ALL Flight Standard Service DPEs. This modification provides DPEs with the ability to conduct tests anywhere within the United States and increases the limit for providing tests to three per day. no limits for retests.

I am available to give practical tests for RPC/sUAS, Sport, Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certificates. Also Additional Ratings such as Type Rating, Instrument, Multi-Engine, MEI, CFII, CFI,  CFI Renewal and CFI Reinstatement at the Schenectady County Airport. I will also travel to your local airport providing your facility offers a quiet, well-lighted space suited for the oral portion of the tests.

Testing must be scheduled so that the Oral and Flight portions of the test can be completed same day. However, if unexpected interruptions occur (weather, maintenance issues, etc.) these will be grounds for the issuance of a “Letter of Discontinuance”.

The FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) and (ACS) are the outline of knowledge and skill required within a fair and thorough evaluation. Flight instructors are urged to contact me for more information.


Schenectady County Airport (KSCH)

19 Airport Road

Scotia, NY 12302
 Cell: (518) 573-8534

Office: (518) 557-7068

Fax: (518) 557-7068

  • Airline Transport (ATP)

  • TYPE RATING (EA500, CE500)

  • FAR 61.58 Recurrencies

  • MEI

  • CFI

  • CFII

  • CFI Renewal/Reinstatement

  • Multi-Engine

  • Commercial

  • Instrument

  • Private

  • Recreational

  • Sport

  • RPC with sUAS

Private Pilot Certification
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Certification


Fees are based for testing at Schenectady airport.

Additional charge for testing at any other airport to cover traveling expenses.






CFI Initial/Reinstatement:


MEI Initial/Add on:


CFI/MEI Renewal:


Sport, Recreational or Private:


Multi Engine Checkride:


Turbine and Jet Aircrafts Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Checkride: $1750

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Piston ASEL or AMEL Aircrafts Checkride:



Commercial/Instrument/AMEL,ASEL Add on:


Retest fees:


Discontinuances not due to weather:


Citation and Eclipse Jets Training and TYPE RATING See Rates menu



This page was created to help pilots book a Practical test with me and to find out what they should know about each type of Practical test. It also serves as a good place for flight instructors to get current endorsements, detail on what is tested, how it's tested and to provide some useful links to things that a pilot preparing for a Practical test would find useful.

With this information, I hope you'll find it easier to get the information you need to adequately prepare for the FAA practical test.

This is NOT an FAA site.